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Advent Rising

Advent Rising Information

Release Date : May 31, 2005 (USA)
Platform : Xbox
Players : 1
Online Enabled : Yes (Xbox Live Content)
Type : 3rd Person/1st Person Sci-Fi Action/Adventure
Developer: GlyphX Games
Publisher : Majesco

Advent Rising


In my opinion this is the years number one under rated game.

It’s packed with so many great things I don’t even know if I can explain all these things in just one review but I shall try. I was actually introduced to this game by a friend. I did no research on this game before buying, I had no knowledge what-so-ever, and when I first popped in the disk I didn’t even know what to expect, but I was pleasantly supprised to see this game totally rocked my unexpecting pants off.

Storyline “At the dawn of interstellar reasoning, as the first intelligent races took to the stars and began to interact with each other, they discovered a common thread – the legend of an ancient race that would one day ‘deliver’ the universe. This race was known as the Humans.

The Seekers alone held the key to the secret of the humans. Humanity did in fact exist, and the Seekers were doing all that they could to eradicate them. Under the guise of ‘benevolent explores’ they spread methodically through out the galaxy destroying all human life they came in contact with.

Consequently, the Seekers did in fact discover many new races and helped introduce them into the galactic arena. This served the Seekers two fold. It allowed them to constantly spread their influence and strengthen their military and civic control of the galaxy, and it allowed them to retain and magnify their image of philanthropic nobility.

The Aurelian culture was rich with tales of humanity. When they were discovered by the Seekers many of their legends rekindled long dormant ideals within the galactic senate.

With the added insight, knowledge, and technology that interstellar society offered the Aurelian’s, it was not long before the Seekers duplicity was discovered. Enraged, the government formed a small covert faction within the Aurelian military to gather as much information about Seeker operations as possible. It was because of this group that Edumea, a small world inhabited by humans, was first discovered and a rescue organized.

With the introduction into the galactic senate close at hand, and the promise of power and wealth looming overhead, many governing Aurelian officials began to doubt the plan to help the humans. They argued that if discovered they would be completely destroyed by the Seekers. It was their opinion that in order to save themselves and insure their place in the senate, their policy on humanity should be to simply look the other way.

With growing dissention within the government it was feared that the Seekers would discover the Aurelian’s plans, and consequently discover the planet of Edumea. Knowing this, the Aurelian head sent a small diplomatic force to Edumea. The humans were to be warned of their plight and aided in any way possible.

As initial steps are being taken toward healing the scars that warfare has left on the battered Edumean civilization, the Aurelians arrive. A diplomatic entourage is quickly formed by the newly established coalition government-a dozen representatives of humanity to make this pivotal first contact with an alien race. Ethan Wyeth, a world-renowned fighter pilot and war hero is the obvious choice to pilot this vital assembly to first contact. Using his fame and influence, he has his younger brother, Gideon (the player), assigned as co-pilot for the mission. From earliest childhood, Ethan has often relied on his brother’s level-headedness and clear thinking to support him in unpredictable situations, and this will be no exception.”

– Quote from – Advent Rising Offical Web Site



Gideon Wyeth: “Coming from a long line of fighting men, Gideon Wyeth was pressured to attend Military Academy in his teens. There he proved himself second to none in flight combat. His graduation was accelerated and he was able to fight in the last year of the Independence war. His strategic brilliance helped him to rise quickly in rank, and he found himself high up in intelligence circles when the war ended. Under governmental pay he now assists the reestablishment of antebellum prosperity to war-torn areas of the world.”

Ethan Wyeth: “Ethan Wyeth is recognized as the sole reason for the Federation’s victory over the allied nations. He is Edumea’s most celebrated hero. In the years since the war, his popularity has continued to increase and with extensive product endorsements, books and movie deals he has turned his fame into a veritable gold mine.”

Olivia Morgan: “Olivia, Gideon’s fiancée, is strong willed, ambitious and uncommonly intelligent. She is driven by the study of advanced theoretical physics. After completing her graduate studies early at the age of 19 she was hired by the Federation as part of an elite team of renowned physicists to begin development on a new form of energy in an attempt to stabilize the devastated lands where the war was fought. The project has recently begun a 6-month testing phase on Luriam where she is currently stationed.”

Marin Steel: “Marin Steel is a smart, independent woman who has an insatiable thirst for adventure. After becoming one of the most decorated pilots during the Independence wars, she was hired as an executive pilot for a leading contractor of the Federation military. This gives her the opportunity to fly, test and use cutting edge military technology.”


Kehlem: “Kelehm is a ninth tier Aurelian Garghon, with enough experience and backing to become the High Senator when Aurelia is admitted into the Galactic Senate. Kelehm is the epitome of nobility, full of wisdom, strength and pride. He has spent much of his life studying the mythology of humans, and has secretly trained himself in human telekinetic arts.”

Enorym: “Enorym commands the elite Felidic Warriors, and is beloved of his troops and known throughout the Aurelian Military not only for his bravery and strength but also for his wisdom and integrity. Under the wings of Kelehm this popular hero is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in political circles as well. Enorym’s loyalty to Kelehm is only rivaled by his devotion to Aurelia.”


Seeker Commanders: “Seeker Commanders are highly trained and extremely smart military leaders. They are all brilliant strategists and love the challenge of war. They loathe humans and their seemingly pitiful weaknesses.”

Seeker Elite: “Elite Seeker Troops are the silent warriors whose mere presence has subdued insurgence on countless worlds. They move unbelievably fast and are almost perfectly accurate. The Elite are relentless hunters and are rightfully feared.”

Seeker Shock Troops: “Seeker Heavy Shock Troops are some of the most formidable foes in the universe. These extremely armored troops move slowly (for a Seeker), but what they lack in speed they more than make up for in sheer firepower. Their armament essentially turns them into a small tank. These troops are generally used for support in human operations and serve as heavy hitting forward units in larger military campaigns.”

– Quotes from – Advent Rising Offical Web Site



H.A.Z.E. Blaster – A prototype fusion weapon that fires a plasma-coated kernel of radioactive matter, which can fuse explosively upon contact.

Faust C-41 – Standard military issue .90 caliber concussion pistol.

Rockwell Young XJ9 – Assault Rifle with ceramic piston release shaft.

Talmage 50.08 – Delivers 3 MoliPack self-propelled rockets, which can be fired along a straight vector.


D’nex Talon – Fires a sphere of volatile colloid transmetals, which unravel explosively upon contact.

G’Kol Acolyte – Standard issue seeker pulse rifle. Delivers a barrage of superheated particles kinetically bonded to an unstoppable silicon projectile.

Darkfire – The grav-shielded singularity core embedded in each clip generates muon fragments of dark-matter and then accelerates them along a threaded high gravity bore.

Discord – Resonant inertial friction modulator causes quantum level vibrations in the molecules, electrons, even light-waves in a limited area.

Kaull Firelance – Charge-stripped ions literally tear through spacetime, gathering entropic energy weaves before impacting on their target.

Gnashbone Fury – A multi-tiered intelligent projectile platform capable of guiding multiple implosion rockets towards several targets simultaneously.

Shadowstalker – Polarized supermolecules are fired along null conductor channels at sub light speeds, causing micro fission blasts upon contact.


Melee – Punching or Kicking Combos.

Jump – Ducking, Dodging, Jumping.

Lift (Multi-Lift) – Used to lift objects.

Surge – Sends a wave of telekinetic energy toward the enemy pushing them back.

Negate – Form an energy shield.

Aeon Pulse – Lethal pulse blast.

TimeShift – Ability to move through time and space at a very fast speed.

Shatter – Absolute-zero ice shards.

Game Play

This game being 3rd person (Technically it’s both 1st & 3rd person also but the real highlight is the 3rd person) helps you get a good feel for your surroundings. Instead of only looking staight ahead you have wide range of sight. The angles of view change by themselfs and require you to move the camara very little. I love this because it makes the game very cinematic. The cutscenes have a nice feature of being able to pause the scenes at any time you wish, plus skip them at will. Another nice feature that was implemented is the use of dual weapons (This inclues useing both powers and normal weapons).


I can sum up this game’s graphical abilities in one word. Magnificent. The game was so beautiful. I do have to say the Unreal Warfare engine really rocks. Advent Rising is a prime example of the engine’s true potential. Final Words

I personaliy recommend Advent Rising to anyone that loves killing strange aliens with awsome weapons and powers. The game was very refreshing and exciteing. It’s easy to pick up and play, and it’s a great stress reliever. What more could you ask from a game of such caliber.? More! This game endings with “To be continued.” So we can all expect atleast 2 more games to finish out the story of Advent Rising.

I give Advent Rising a score of 9.9 out of 10

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