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Kal Online

In the game Kal Online you are in a world being invaded by demons. The demon troops have been summoned by Ban-Go, the Demon King. Ban-Go was a mortal, until being defeated the 14th King, Hanin. This forced him into the end of the North, where he met with the Demon King, who was without a body. The contract was made, and Ban-Go was reborn as the new Demon King.

You are given the option of following three career paths; The Warrior (Mu-Sa), a strong a noble man who believes hand-to-hand combat is the only noble way. The Archer (Goong-Soo) believes in agility and speed. The Magician (Joo-Sool-Sa) will spend their entire lives devoted to increasing their knowledge and intellect.

The level up/points system that Kal Online has in place is structured so that you get a certain percent per win, depending on how that monster ranks to your level. If the monster is equal with you, you will receive 100% of the experience points after the win, if the monster is a lower level than you, you receive fewer points. If however, you manage to defeat a monster that is of a greater level than yourself, be prepared to rake in the experience points.

Higher levels result in more skills that are available to you, as well as improved weaponry and protective clothing. Higher level means having a stronger, quicker, smarter character leaves you more able to rid the world of the demon infestation.

The graphic quality of the characters/monsters as well as the map itself is very good, but the sounds do leave a little to be desired. If this game is missing anything, it is the ability to be able to use custom keys.

Kal Online is a very good free MMORPG, and I would highly recommend it to those who have always wanted to play a MMORPG, but did not want to pay money to do such. Kal Online has well and truly earned its 9 out of 10 stars.

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