Posted by admin on 08 4th, 2009

Guild Wars

Platform: PC
Publisher: NC Soft
Developer: Areanet
Guild Wars is said to be a very popular MMORPG and this is, from what I’ve seen, true! Although it is fun to play by yourself the excitement level gets higher when you join a guild or have a party join you on a quest because you can interact with them throughout your gameplay. This game can support one player per computer but has thousands upon thousands of others online playing at the same time.

The difficulty level really moves with you. What I mean by that is when you first start out with the game you’re what they call a “noob”, or a newbie. You need to get used to the controls of the game, what certain things do, and how to navigate through the interface of the game. The game really allows you to get used to it and starts out real easy on you but as you advance through the game it gets harder and harder. It’s not too hard to where you cannot defeat anything, but it makes you think about what you need to do to defeat a creature. This really does make the game fun and exciting. Now I must warn you though, the more you progress through the game the shorter you think you’re playing. Example; You get online at 5 P.M. and you play for a while and about after an hour of play you look at the clock and it says 10 P.M.! Yes, one hour is equivalent to five hours.

I have not yet been able to really see the full quality graphics of this game. My computer just isn’t good enough for this game to have the highest quality of graphics so I have them on a medium setting, but I have seen the graphics at their highest setting when the game takes a screenshot. Let’s just say these graphics really make you wonder how they got such a beautiful looking game run on such low spec systems!

In-game music is orchestral but really does sound great. From what I’m aware of the music only plays on the title screen and in cities. I don’t really remember it playing during quests. Sound effects are pretty good too… they could use some very very slight tweaking, but overall they are great and without them the game would not be.

There are a couple movie sequences and they look very appealing and they fit in with the game very well. I have not seen the same movie sequence once yet so this is really good but if you don’t want to watch these sequences you can click the skip button which will allow you to skip the whole sequence.

There is a book/instruction manual that comes with the game if you buy from a store and about one-third of it is the whole storyline of the game. Two-thirds of it is about different things in the game– very helpfull when you need to look something up quick.

How many stars would I give this game? Well, because of it’s great storyline, graphics, audio, and gameplay I’m going to give it a 5/5 stars. This game is definatly worth a buy and from what I hear as of this writing there is another campaign of the game coming, so look out for Guild Wars: Factions reviews here at KillaGaming!

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